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Why Us?
Why Us? The history of the development of windows dates back to the beginning of human settlement. Archaeological finds from approximately 1600 BC has made it clear that the houses already had window openings with mullion and transom divisions. It was in the first century AD when the Romans closed their window openings with transparent materials. Window glass has been known since the 13th century and particular window units have been installed in the holy mosques, churches and cathedrals.

For more than 1000 years, the blacksmith was also involved with window manufacturing. This trade was passed from father to son and great skills and experience was developed. Old windows did not have recognition and distinction that time and it was only during the coming of the wooden materials when it gained the architectural value and importance.

It was in the year 1959, when the first plastic window was made. The profile used that time has no similarity to the current profiles we are using because they attempted to copy the wooden profiles. The carpenters gave plastic windows no chance because they could not even plane the edges. However, they overlooked the fact that the plastic windows could be produced with great accuracy and wide range of geometric profiles.

The breakthrough came when Roto Frank invented the tilt & turn fitttings. The expression "Window System" originated since then. Suddenly, the window became multi-functional element, which had to fulfill many tasks.

When PVC was proven to be ideal material for weathering resistance and protection against rotting, the industrial production of PVC windows became feasible. It was at the time of the industrial boom when PVC windows were able to win a considerable market share against wooden windows.

The sudden competition of PVC windows pours considerable investment for research and development in wooden windows. Sometimes better idea goes in to wooden windows and sometimes for plastic windows. In this manner, technological standard of both materials increased. At first, wooden windows were produed with middle seals to protect main seal from weathering, however, a short time later the plastic windows catch up and introduced an improved and better design.
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History of Development and Production of Plastic Windows
The Future of PVC-U window industry
We have noted to earlier the rapid growth of PVC-U window market in Europe during the 1970's. And if it is true that history repeat itself, a similar expansion will take place in the Middle East, specifically Lebanon. The growth is most evident due to the fact that almost every major aluminum manufacturer in Europe, U.S.A. and other E.C. countries has added PVC-U products to their manufacturing and marketing programs. This trend and major tum of events are expected, will be the same here in Lebanon.

Major capital investment of SIPW, an established PVC extrusion company in Lebanon further indicates the anticipated trend of this market over the next few years.
Magic Window Product Range
Magic Window PVC-U System offers a wide variety of styles. These includes the following:

    1 - Side Hung Windows.
    2 - Double Side Hung Windows.
    3 - Picture Windows.
    4 - Tilt & Turn Windows.
    5 - Side Hung Doors.
    6 - Sliding Windows & Doors.
    7 - Tilt & Slide Windows & Doors.
    8 - Arch Windows.
    9 - Partitions.
   10 - Curtain Walls.
   11 - Structural Glazing.

Additionally, Magic Window system gives you the design flexibility wherein you can design
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